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• All students registering with Udrafter must have the right to work in the UK. Students must therefore have UK, EU, EEA, Swiss citizenship or have Indefinite Leave to Remain. All students must come in to complete right to work checks before you can complete jobs. This can be arranged here:
• We are able to accept students on a Tier 4 Visa but you are limited to 20 hours of work per week as per the UK government legislation.
• Students must also have a valid university or college matriculation number and email address in order to sign up to Udrafter.
• A valid form of photo ID is also required for ID verification when completing jobs.


• All businesses must be a legitimate trading business entity in the United Kingdom.
• All businesses must have a valid Companies House Number and representative signing up on behalf of the business.
• Businesses must have an active company bank account where funds can be transferred.

All Udrafter students will receive a payslip for any hours approved a week in arrears Udrafter students will be paid  through a BACS transfer directly to your bank. This means that you no longer have to worry about submitting your own national insurance or tax payments as we take care of this for you.

Udrafter was created to give students relevant work experience opportunities that fit around their busy university schedules. Each job that you complete through Udrafter is recorded a registered in your account.As soon as you finish university or begin to look for a graduate job interview, you can use your Udrafter work experience information which will detail all of the hours you have worked, and the categories of work you have completed. This can be a useful addition to your C.V. which we believe will set you apart from other candidates. So, what are you waiting for?

If a student does not show up then a job poster should contact the student via the direct messaging function to try and resolve the issue between them. Job posters should notify Udrafter of the situation if the student fails to respond.

Udrafter (The University Draft) is a student workforce platform where businesses get on demand access to student talent and students get paid for completing degree- relevant projects.

ur aim is to provide students with opportunities that are degree relevant so can use the skills you have learned from university and put them into practice in a real working environment. Udrafter offers a wide variety of jobs. This includes social media management, digital marketing e.g. SEO, graphic design, accounting, mechanical engineering, photography, computer programming, the list goes on!

Udrafter offers a wide range of different one-off jobs and projects for students. We specialise in offering students jobs that are degree relevant. For example, digital marketing, foreign languages, mechanical engineering, accounting, law, computer science and many more.

The Udrafter fee is pay as you go, meaning its only charged when students hours are approved.

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