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Author udrafter
Date July 29, 2021

Novus CleanTech l Case Study

Group 2312

The ability to work with an intern on a short-term project without having to commit, as well as the company’s eagerness to invest in the next generation of talent are two of the main reasons why Beena Sharma, Managing Director of Novus CleanTech Ltd, chose Udrafter.

Finding a skilled CAD designer represented a challenge for the business in the past, however one intern from our hugely talented pool of students and graduates demonstrated a clear understanding of the brief right away and delivered a result that exceeded the company’s expectations.

I think what drove us was that A. the fact that we’re a start-up and there’s no security there as such. So to offer somebody a full-time job on the basis of a product that we haven’t even developed yet could potentially be quite risky, not just for us, but also for them. So that was not something that we wanted to do.

 I guess the other side of it was obviously when I heard about what Udrafter were doing, we’ve always been quite keen to support, you know, the young workforce.And we felt it was a really good way to do that without committing or without them committing to us. So it kind of worked both ways.

Beena Sharma – Managing Director – Novus CleanTech Ltd

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