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10 reasons why hiring an intern is a smart decision

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There is a reason why the most successful companies in the world (Google, Amazon and Microsoft) hire interns.It’s a worthwhile investment (and you don’t need to be on the FTSE 100). Here are 10 reasons why you should make hiring an intern a priority for your business.

1. 🤑 Interns save money.

Hiring a full-time employee can be an expensive process, costing thousands of pounds. Even the most rigorous interviewing process can result in attrition.

Working with an intern provides a low risk, convenient way to try out a candidate in a live working environment without having to spend thousands of pounds. If they perform well then they may just be your next full time hire.

2. 🤝 Interns make great full time hires once graduated.

From an intern perspective, they now have a strong understanding of how you and your team operate. They know what is expected of them and they can see how their career might develop should they continue to work for you. They have built a working relationship with you and vice versa.

Compare that to the unknown of applying to different organisations from or starting the recruitment process, from scratch and it becomes clear why hiring an intern who is invested in your organisation is a smart choice.

On top of all this, the 2018 Yello Recruiting Study found that nearly half of all intern respondents plan to stay with their company for more than three years.

3.  Interns save time.

An extra pair of hands can go a long way when running a business. Imagine how much time you could save by offloading work to an eager intern? Increasing productivity of the business by Hiring an intern will only take your business towards growth.

4. 💡 Interns bring fresh perspectives to business challenges.

When you or your team have been starting at the same problems for some time, a fresh set of eyes and creative flare can have a huge impact. In a business with a team size of 1–15 people, interns not only undertake the daily tasks but also contribute ideas, execute on those ideas and can impact the overall growth of the business.

5. 🚀 Interns are motivated.

With more and more graduates entering the workforce every year people are hungry to put what they have learned to good use and make their mark on the world. You’ll struggle to find a more motivated team member than a fresh-faced intern ready to take on any challenge.

6. 🙋‍♀️ Interns make great company advocates.

Tapping into the network reach of interns on campus and online can help businesses reach new customers and talent. Big companies spend a lot of resources to do this but with new platform like Udrafter this strategy is now more accessible to SMEs.

7. 🧠 New skills and knowledge

Interns are more likely to adapt and learn the latest tools in your industry which means your team is going to be one step ahead of competitors that are slower to react.  

8. 📈 Interns = High ROI

Generally, interns are hired at a low cost than the regular employees and they have a higher motivation to work. Therefore, you can get a lot of work done while paying less.

9. 💪 Enhancing wider industry

More skilled people in the local economy have a positive impact for all businesses in that economy.

10. 💜 It feels good to support local young professionals.

If you have ever coached, mentored, or taught someone you will know the feeling of watching this person go on to achieve greatness – it is extremely rewarding.

Students and Graduates you want to work with.

Udrafter lets companies hire the best student and graduate interns at the touch of a button, in as little as 24 hours. Working with an intern no longer has to mean a 6-12 month arrangement, with Udrafter you can engage student and graduate interns in short projects or part time work.

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