Potential vs. Experience: Which is more important in hiring?

potential vs experience

In the 4th quarter of 2021, the number of job vacancies in the UK increased by 462,000 and reached a record high of over 1.2 million. Companies all over the country are struggling with recruitment as well as employee retention. If this is true for your business, it might be time to rethink the way…

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How to Calculate and Improve Your Employee Retention Rate

employee retention rate

On average, businesses in the United Kingdom have an employee turnover rate of 15%. Is your company’s number lower than this? If so, don’t assume you’re in the clear. There’s a little more that goes into calculating your retention and turnover rates and assessing your company culture. Read on to learn how to calculate your…

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Upskilling Your Workforce: Why is it more important than ever?

Research shows that in nearly 75% of cases, businesses see improvements in performance, productivity, and profitability when they invest in upskilling and reskilling their employees. Are you interested in closing skill gaps and prioritising continuous training and development for your team? Are you unsure of where to begin? Read on to learn more about the…

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The Great Resignation…or The Great Opportunity?

According to the latest data, the resignation rate among UK workers has reached its highest point since 2009. What employers have dubbed “The Great Resignation” and “The Big Quit” appears to be in full swing. Perhaps it’s time to change the way business owners and managers think about all those employees who are quitting. Instead…

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How to Create an Ideal Candidate Profile

In the past, when you’ve written job descriptions for your company, have you had a specific type of person in mind? Were you just hoping that someone would apply for the job so you could fill the position as quickly as possible? If you haven’t taken the time to create an ideal candidate profile, you…

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5 Simple Tips for Writing Inclusive Job Descriptions

In the UK, the employment rate for ethnic minorities is 62.8%. In comparison, the employment rate for white workers is 75.6%. Does your company need to diversify? Are you having a hard time recruiting talent of different genders, ethnicities, and other cultural groups? If so, a lack of inclusivity in your job descriptions could be…

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Generational Diversity: Here’s how it can help your organisation

inclusive job description

When they think about running a diverse and inclusive business, lots of talent leaders and recruiters first think about hiring employees of different races and ethnicities. This is part of the picture, but generational diversity needs to be taken into account, too. For example, are you hiring employees from various age groups? Are you making…

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What is Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and why is it important?

generational diversity

Approximately 77% of companies say their Employee Value Proposition (or EVP) positively impacts their employee engagement. 76% also say it improves retention, and 78% say it improves the recruitment process. Is your EVP having this kind of influences on your company? Are you unsure of how to create a better one for your employees –…

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Benefits of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

Benefits of cultural diversity in the workplace

In the United Kingdom, ethnic minorities make up 14% of the working-age population. However, members of this group only make up 10% of the workforce, and they only hold 6% of the UK’s top management positions. Are you looking to improve cultural diversity at your company? If so, read on to learn more about the…

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5 Recruiting Strategies to Implement in 2022

benefits of

The past 18 months have changed every aspect of how we do business in the UK, and recruitment is no exception. The industry was hit hard at the beginning of the pandemic, but 2021 proved to be a bumper year for recruiters as companies struggled to fill vacancies. Finding and hiring the right candidates has…

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